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What we do

Thanks to an informed and data-driven marketing strategy, we help you to know more about your customers, understand their background and engage in an individualized and customized conversation with each and every one of them. Our business expertise is based on integrating innovative solutions to provide you with a cutting-edge service.

Data Solutions & CDP

Solutions tailored to your needs and technical environment: Single Customer View (SCV), marketing automation platform, BI, DMP, Marketing Solutions and CDP.

Data intelligence

Enhanced knowledge of your customers thanks to Data Quality Audits, Customer Segmentation and Scoring, as well as& Business Intelligence management.

CRM Activation

Support in building your relationship marketing strategy and CRM plans. Creation, integration, programming, online release, monitoring, and management of your campaigns.

Transform your data into customer value

Avanci puts data and customer knowledge at the forefront of its recommendations to support you in building a customized and coherent customer relationship strategy.
The objective is two-fold: ensuring a unique customer experience all the while maximizing your ROI and economic performance.

Transform your data into customer knowledge

Turn your customer knowledge into action

Turn action into profit

Use a data-driven approach to grow your business

1. Unify

Identify all your data sources to structure, clean, deduplicate and combine them to obtain a Single Customer View.

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2. Highlight

Understand customer behavioral patterns and background to increase your customer knowledge and detect key business drivers.

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3. Activate

Create relationship marketing strategy plans and different scenarios. Design messages and carry out campaigns using all ways of communication.

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4. Manage

Understand customer behavioral patterns and background to increase your customer knowledge and detect key business drivers.

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Reasons to choose Avanci for your project

  • 25 years of expertise in data, e-commerce, and CRM.
  • Partner agency and integrator of multiple market solutions.
  • Renowned expertise in retail, e-commerce and private brands.
  • A team dedicated to your projects providing a high-quality and impeccable service.
  • Agility, reactivity, and a positive attitude. Our teams put their heart into building real partnerships with our clients.
  • The power of a Group that brings the total value of digital, data and CRM to the next level
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Our solution partners

Avanci has chosen to work in collaboration with recognized publishers. Our technical teams are certified with these editors and have all the skills to advise you or to integrate their solutions.
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