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The best solutions on the market with Avanci’s expertise

Avanci has chosen to work closely with renowned editors.
Our technical teams are certified by these editors and therefore have acquired all the necessary skills to advise you and integrate their solutions.

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Our knowledge of technical environments, of all these solutions, among the best on the market, will contribute to the success of your projects. We will offer you those best adapted to your needs and best practices in data management and exploitation.

Upland Bluevenn

Connect your marketers to your customers!

Upland BlueVenn is a totally integrated Customer Data Platform offering a 360° customer vision in order to customize your customer backgrounds.

Avanci is Upland BlueVenn’s leading partner in France.

Learn more about Upland BlueVenn’s integrated CDP

Selligent Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation platform

Avanci has been a long-standing partner of Selligent since 2013 and has integrated the Selligent Campaign and Selligent Marketing Cloud solutions. Selligent Marketing Cloud is an integrated omnichannel marketing automation platform. Natively built with an Artificial Intelligence motor, it allows B2C marketers to maximize every interaction with consumers thanks to customized and relevant customer experiences on all channels and devices.

Learn more about Selligent Marketing Cloud


Agile marketing activation platform

Actito is a recognized player on the French market. Intuitive and powerful, Actito is an activation platform enabling you to assist customers during the entire purchase process. It allows you to simply deliver customized campaigns to the right person through the right channel – at the right time. Their promise is to increase customer engagement and accelerate conversion rates.

Learn more about Actito


Predictive CRM marketing technology for retailers

Tinyclues is a platform designed for Marketing and CRM teams. This innovative solution allows you to build the best CRM audiences on the go, optimize campaigns depending on product popularity, measure success through CRM analytics and identify hidden opportunities for future campaigns.

Learn more about Tinyclues


Intuitive BI software

Tableau Software helps users to see and understand data through a revolutionary approach. Tableau enables you to log in, visualize and easily share data. You can create and publish dashboards then share them between work colleagues, partners, or customers with ease. There’s no need for specific programming skills to use this creative yet user-friendly software.

Learn more about Tableau

Data Legal Drive

The leading GDPR solution on the market

Data Legal Drive is a GDPR platform enabling you to simplify your GDPR compliance management. It’s the perfect tool for DPOs looking for an easy-to-use and collaborative management system.

Learn more about Data Legal Drive


Customized AI and A/B testing platform

Kameleoon enables brands to provide customized digital experiences to optimize conversion and increase revenues online. Kameleoon is an AI-based customization and A/B testing platform. Thanks to its many functions such as segmentation, AI-based predictive targeting, and real-time measure of potential conversion rates, Kameleoon adapts messages, content, browsing and offers to each visitor’s needs over all lines of communications.

Learn more about Kameleoon

Avis Vérifiés

Measure customer satisfaction

Specialized in collecting customer reviews over several channels, Avis Vérifiés allows you to measure and analyze customer satisfaction. Our multi-tool platform provides management, monitoring and dissemination of your content. Avis Vérifiés is present in over 20 countries and has 6,000 international clients including big retail brands such as Aubade or Lapeyre.

Learn more about Avis Vérifiés


B2C and B2B customer experience management solutions

Adobe offers platforms designed for lead management and B2B and B2C marketing professionals that are adapted to long sales cycles. Offering native support of leads and marketing of strategic accounts, Adobe Campaign and Marketo gather the marketing and sales in complete solutions, designed to orchestrate customized experiences, optimize content, and measure the sales impact on every channel from reflection to conversion.

Learn more about Adobe


Activate local communication

Digitaleo is a collaborative marketing solution for brands and networks. Thanks to its ready-to-use software, brands can retain their distributors, and networks can activate their local communication.

Learn more about Digitaleo


Individualized marketing platform
Advalo is an individualized omnichannel marketing platform. A true hub which assists retailers in better managing their audience and redistributing data on activation platforms.

Learn more about Advalo


Customer relationship management platform

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution allowing you to get a visual representation of your sales process. It enables you to collect prospect and customer data, organize the follow-up on sales opportunities, and automate repetitive and administrative tasks. This ergonomic tool also has a great asset in its Marketplace with native connectors to additional functional components.

Learn more about Pipedrive


A fast and powerful open source ETL tool

Talend provides software and services in data integration, management, data quality and preparation, Master Data Management, and integration into Big Data applications. Talend is the reference company in the industry for implementing ETL to transform raw data into usable data.

Learn more about Talend


Flexible and integrated data marketing platform

Mediarithmics is an intuitive platform that covers the whole data marketing value chain: from multi-channel and multi-device data collection (CDP/DMP) to activating customized marketing campaigns (DCO, Marketing Automation). Achieving your marketing use cases becomes much simpler and you can then use your data in your communication campaigns.

Learn more about Mediarithmics

Captain Wallet

Campaign management platform on wallet applications

Captain Wallet is an intuitive campaign management solution for mobile wallets. Having digitized tools on Apple Wallet and Google Pay has become a must-have for brands, who can also use the mobile channel to create a customized, dynamic and effective line of communciation.

Learn more about Captain Wallet


Consent and preference management platform

Didomi offers consent and preference management solutions. By making them accessible, companies manage their customer data in accordance with their customers, while they can freely choose which data they wish to share in order to maintain close contact with their favorite brands.

Learn more about Didomi


Customer data management solutions

Capency’s preventive solutions allow you to gather customer contact details quickly and easily in order to improve data input and ensure their reliability. The curative solutions allow you to update customer data thanks to the process of deduplication and normalizing to achieve a clean and complete database.

Learn more about Capency

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