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Once you have defined your relational strategy, you can begin ! Start by making sure your plans will go ahead smoothly. Do you want to remain 100% devoted to your job ? Do you not have the required expertise ? Do you lack in-house resources on an ad hoc basis ?
Our business experts can take care of executing your plans for you.

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The benefits of delegation

  • Free yourself from the pressure of recruitment
  • Getting support from a renowned expert
  • Having a perfectly trained and reliable team at your disposal
  • Profit from a customized offer, flexibility, and reactivity
  • Recommending permanent optimizations, bringing forward the right proposals

An offer tailored to your needs


  • Creative design and lines of communication
  • Designing and drafting media
  • Graphic design on and offline
  • On and offline execution

Marketing Automation

  • Implementing campaign scenarios
  • Automation and managing marketing pressure
  • Integrating, programming, testing, managing

Carrying out

  • Managing tailor-made campaigns
  • Executing campaigns
  • Managing deliverability
  • Managing results



CREATION based on DATA !

Creative intelligence combined with the power of data will increase the performance and effectiveness of your relationship strategy.

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Avanci has chosen to work in collaboration with recognized publishers. Our technical teams are certified with these editors and have all the skills to advise you or to integrate their solutions.
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