CRM strategy consulting

Build an individualized and customized customer relationship

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Today’s customers expect a lot from their relationships with brands

Be known and recognized

Feel unique

Tap into emotions

Create life experiences

71% of the French population want brands to keep them on their toes!

Companies therefore have to (re)invent a high quality and customized customer relationship in a more and more complex environment due to the fast-moving digital world and technology, simultaneous interactions, multiple scenarios and targeting to conceptualize, numerous channels to activate, deliverability to monitor, etc.

The support we offer

Our teams are specialized in CRM and will support you in creating a successful relationship strategy to develop customer retention :

  • Making the most of your data capital.
  • Understanding customer background.
  • Using all lines communication.
  • Creating a unique and memorable customer experience.
  • Building a close relationship with your best customers.
  • Developing your brand in a competitive context.
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Background & Customer experience

  • Audit CRM plans
  • Define Personae and customer backgrounds (before, during and after the purchase)
  • Identify points of interaction in the customer’s background (based on available data)
  • Recommend and design a CRM strategy
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Build plans of action

  • Recommend the principles of the CRM plan (scenarios&, communication cycles, targets, messages, contents, rules)
  • Recommend lines of communication
  • Define coordination and prioritizing rules
  • Carry out tests
  • Manage KPIs
Request an audit of your CRM plans

Alida Terrassin

CRM Manager

Customer experience above all

CRM Managers are in charge of implementing automated campaigns using available data to generate agile and customized content. We also assist our customers in writing emails that meet good practices in order to best ensure their deliverability.

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Avanci has chosen to work in collaboration with recognized publishers. Our technical teams are certified with these editors and have all the skills to advise you or to integrate their solutions.
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