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Benefits of customer knowledge

Knowing your customers well is the best way to use the data at your disposal to not only understand past behaviors, but also influence future behaviors.

Transforming data into customer knowledge will allow you to have a 360-degree customer view, to identify optimization and growth levers, optimize CRM strategies and increase your marketing ROI.

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Benefits for your customer

  • Meet their expectations
  • Customize the relationship
  • Interact effectively with the customer
  • Enrich their experience
  • Work on customer loyalty to the brand

The value for the company

  • Identify growth drivers
  • Master Customer Lifetime Value
  • Generate intelligent data that can be used in CRM plans
  • Maximize your marketing investments
  • Use relevant performance indicators to manage your business
  • Make better strategic decisions

Customer knowledge, a key factor in customer retention


of consumers consider that customer experience is more important than the price


of customers are likely to change brands if they don’t feel appreciated


Customers who have a positive experience are 12 times more
likely to recommend
the brand

Understand past behaviors to anticipate those to come

Why is it so important?
In today’s marketing world, it has become fundamental to recognize and reward your best customers, welcome new customers, work on those who seem disengaged, anticipate their needs, and to send the right message at the right time with the right offer.

The customer knowledge study by Avanci focuses on brands and provides you with all the tools you need to optimize your customer relationship.

What are the goals of this study?

  • Identifying and understanding the background of your prospects and customers to maximize conversion rates
  • Identifying the best profiles for conversion.
  • Identifying customer insight
  • Identifying the best growth drivers based on the customer database
  • Measuring customer loyalty
  • Identifying growth drivers and recommending priority actions to take
  • Recommending the implementation of customer segmentation and scoring
Request a customer knowledge study

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