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Why should I audit my data quality ?

Data quality is an essential requirement to ensure a customized customer experience, increase the effectiveness of relationship-driven programs, and the ROI of campaigns.

The Data Quality audit is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of your data carried out with your teams. A list of recommendations for actions to take to manage your data is included. A detailed comprehensive audit report will then be presented during a feedback meeting.

Data Quality audit goals :

  • Eliminating risk factors related to poor data quality
  • Ensuring a unified prospect/customer view
  • Ensuring relevant strategic decisions are made

Contents of the Data Quality audit :

  • Identifying used and unused data sources
  • Auditing current processing chains
  • Analyzing data update processes
  • Auditing procedures related to the GDPR
  • Identifying rules on data deduplication and reconciliation

Recommendations following the audit :

  • Data to process and reconciliation keys.
  • Evolution of data processing and enrichment procedures
  • Calculating aggregates and behavioral variables
Request a Data Quality Audit

Poor quality data in figures


of companies say they are
affected by poor data quality


Poor data quality cost
companies $15M in 2017


The presence of
faulty data can make a task
10 times more expensive

Why is data management so important ?

In order to have relevant, reliable, and useful data, it is vital to have a well-established Data Quality Management (DQM) process in place.
Data quality management is based on good practices and impeccable governance of data during each step of the process.

Data governance objectives :

  • Eliminating discrepancies and correcting faulty, obsolete or incomplete data.
  • Ensuring the reliability of data used in marketing strategies: analyses, data-driven strategies.
  • Implementing impeccable, relationship-based marketing and a successful customer experience.
  • Complying with data confidentiality, security and storage requirements.
  • Complying with new regulations imposed by the GDPR.
Audit your data quality

Rachel Fontenay

Data Manager

An expert data quality audit enables marketers to increase productivity by putting valid, reliable, relevant, useful and recent data at their disposal. Well-managed, quality data will improve the efficiency of your CRM plan when it comes to ROI as well as customer experience.

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