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Ensure your customer and prospect data are GDPR compliant

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GDPR Audit and Support

The GDPR disrupted the world of digital economy by increasing personal data protection in the European Union, therefore creating a certain number of regulations for companies to comply with. Avanci assists its customers in complying with customer and prospect data regulations with a tried and tested method.

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Our tried and tested method

1. Audit customer data processing operations

Audit your website, set up interviews to identify data processing operations and apply GDPR compliance regulations.

2. Prioritize compliance upgrade action

Define, prioritize, and manage actions to be implemented.

3. Implement in-house processes

We support you in implementing in-house procedures and ensuring data protection at all times.

4. Record actions and processes

We assist you in creating documentation certifying your compliance to GDPR regulations.

Our Data Quality & GDPR Audit & to ensure your GDPR compliance

High quality and compliant data are vital to ensure a customized customer experience, increase the effectiveness of your relational programs and your ROI on campaigns.

What we do



  • Compliance with regulations when collecting and processing prospect and customer consent
  • Website
  • Mobile App
  • Call center
  • Sales representatives
  • Social media



Setting up a banner to collect your users’ consent for:

  • Audience measurement cookies
  • Advertising cookies
  • Social media cookies

Legal compliance of customer data


  • Privacy policy, confidentiality
  • Data retention policies
  • Purpose of data and personal data processing register
  • Not included: for employees, subcontractors, partners, suppliers



  • Writing up a privacy and confidentiality policy with a lawyer
  • Defining data retention policies
  • Implementing the use of data and a personal data processing register
  • Not included: for employees, subcontractors, partners, suppliers

Technical compliance of the customer database


  • Business rules on private data collection, storage, and processing tools



  • Defining business rules on private data collection, storage, and processing tools in the marketing database
Request a Data Quality & GDPR Audit

The GDPR in 2021

These findings come from a survey of inhouse DPOs, external DPOs and legal experts by Data Legal Drive, in partnership with Lefebvre Dalloz and the AFJE (French Jurist Association). 348 professionals shared their thoughts between April 8th and May 2nd, 2021.

Source: 2021 GDPR Barometer


of companies have a good
level of compliance
with GDPR regulations


of companies believe they
have achieved a
completion rate of
70% or more


of companies are estimated
to have a completion rate
below 50%

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