SCV & Data management

Data merged in a Single Customer View

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Transform your data into a Single Customer View

Every company’s dream!

The abundance of data dispersed in different systems, the growing complexity of customer backgrounds, the proliferation of data sources and channels are all factors that have an impact on using data consistently.

The solution is creating a Single Customer View (SCV) which will provide you with a “single version of the truth”.
This is also known as Unique Customer View.

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Why are Data Management and data governance so important ?

  • Implementing an impeccable relationship-based marketing approach must rely on a quality data governance approach. Our experts work to define the rules of data collection and management to ensure a high quality of data, to comply with data confidentiality, security and storing requirements.
  • Data governance also requires implementing a balance between profitability of collected data and compliance with new GDPR regulations. Our management procedures are composed of good practice guides to supply compliant data services.
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Data Quality Audit

Integrating and publishing

  • Easy integration of all data sources
  • ETL and connectors to leading market solutions


  • Data structuring
  • RNVP Correction et validation / Email / Phone number


  • Deduplication
  • Creating a Golden Record
  • Golden Record data enrichment rules
  • Single Customer View