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The abundance of data dispersed in different systems, the growing complexity of customer backgrounds, the proliferation of data sources and channels are all factors that have an impact on using data consistently.

The solution is creating a Single Customer View (SCV) which will provide you with a “single version of the truth”.
This is also known as Unique Customer View.

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Single Customer View goals

  • Storing disparate data in a warehouse where it will be structured, cleaned, deduplicated and combined to achieve a full overview of your customers, also called a 360-degree vision.
  • Using data which is up to date, merged, and high-quality to supply your systems.
  • Building a coherent and customized relationship and with customers and providing them with a great and enjoyable experience

Conditions for a successful SCV

To achieve a data environment structured around SCV, ask yourself the right questions:

  • What are my different data sources?
  • Where are they stored?
  • How much data do I have? What type of data is it?
  • How to bring my teams on board?
  • What are the strategic and marketing goals of the project ?

A Single Customer View should ensure reliable, quality and well-governed data (in compliance with GDPR regulations).

Why are Data Management and data governance so important ?

  • Implementing an impeccable relationship-based marketing approach must rely on a quality data governance approach. Our experts work to define the rules of data collection and management to ensure a high quality of data, to comply with data confidentiality, security and storing requirements.
  • Data governance also requires implementing a balance between profitability of collected data and compliance with new GDPR regulations. Our management procedures are composed of good practice guides to supply compliant data services.

They talk about their data quality


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Data Management in 5 key steps or how to use your data for operational purposes !

Integrating and publishing

  • Easy integration of all data sources
  • ETL and connectors to leading market solutions


  • Data structuring
  • RNVP Correction et validation / Email / Phone number


  • Deduplication
  • Creating a Golden Record
  • Golden Record data enrichment rules
  • Single Customer View


  • Phone number and email enrichment
  • Geo-marketing Enrichment


  • Ensuring effective data management
  • Configuration and visualization of all processes
  • Compliance with GDPR requirements

Marjolaine Hochart

Head of the data management department

To manage marketing data, you need flexible and adaptable systems able to ingest and manage big data. These systems must integrate processing chains to ensure the data is true, GDPR compliant and grants a 360° view of the customer. This preliminary phase to Single Customer View is often neglected and can hinder the success of your CRM projects.

Data Quality Audit

83% of companies say they are affected by poor data quality!

It is therefore undeniable that quality data is an essential prerequisite to establishing a good relationship marketing!

The data quality audit will give you a bigger picture of your data, ensure their GDPR compliance and to identify evolutions and actions to implement…

More specifically it will involve:

  • Identifying used and unused data sources
  • Auditing current processing chains and/or those to be implemented to ensure data is true and valid
  • Eliminating risk factors related to poor data quality

The goal being to ensure a unified prospect/client view to activate clean, true and usable data for your action plans

Deliverability: a document from the audit will be presented during a meeting. It will contain a note with general guidelines.

Audit your data quality

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